Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Collection of Links on Military-Civil Reconstruction Projects

Received the following collection of links which merits posting: a broad selection of resources showing the humanitarian and civic action projects being undertaken in Afghanistan by US forces. Might be useful to those of you engaged in the endless debate around Afghanistan, civ-mil debates, involvement of armed forces in humanitarian action, etc.

On the Ground: U.S. Troops, Civilians Bring Goodwill to Afghanistan

Team Helps to Fight Polio in Konar Province

U.S. Soldiers Bridge Access for Remote Afghans

Team Improves Future Prospects for Afghan Village

School Project Brings Hope to Afghan Province

Team Holds Weekly Shoe Drive for Afghan Children

Command Provides Ambulances for Afghan Police Medics

Afghan, Coalition Leaders Unveil Bridge With Hopes of Prosperity

Hope is Victory in Afghanistan, PRT Commander Says

New Roads to Open Up Eastern Afghanistan Province

Security Forces Provide Safety Net for Reconstruction Mission

On the Ground: U.S. Forces Help Afghans Combat Winter Weather

On the Ground: Industry Day, Power Plant Project Attract Afghan Contractors

Team in Afghanistan Looks to Double Health Care Access

Program Builds Better Health Care System in Afghanistan

Paktia Provincial Reconstruction Team Reaches Out to Remote Village

On the Ground: Americans Help Burned Girl, Train Afghans

Projects Prove Difficult, But Key to Rebuilding Efforts

Agribusiness Teams Plant Seeds for Economic Growth in Afghanistan

Reconstruction Team Serves on Front Line of War on Terror

Clinic Gives ‘Hope’ to Afghan Village

On the Ground: Coalition, Afghan Troops Give Fuel, Food, Collect Munitions

New Bridge Brings Hope, Safety to Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley

Empowerment Program Helps to Educate Afghans

On the Ground: Troops Provide Medical Care, Necessities to Afghans

New Afghan Program Supports Community-based Approach to Security

Coalition Mentors Afghan Army, Police on Jurisprudence

Special Operations Troops Deliver Smiles to Bagram Children

On the Ground: Troops Aid Afghans With Security, Supplies

U.S. Team Helps to Plant Seeds for Afghan Farmers’ Success

Afghan Women Celebrate Culture, Achievements at Women’s Day Event

Resource Center to Provide Training, Education for Afghan Women

Afghan Soldiers Train to Save Lives

Afghanistan Fight Turns to Economy, Governance

Coalition, Afghans Find Goodwill at Traditional Afghan Games

Team Provides Medical Care to Afghan Students, Villagers

Coalition Troops Care for Afghan People

Human Terrain Teams Build Friendships, Future

Soldiers Bring Light to Afghan Marketplace

Troops Give Afghan Baby Second Chance at Life

Afghans Bid on Brighter Future

Afghan Women Find Support in Wardak Province

Reconstruction Team Completes Afghanistan Canal Project

International Effort Benefits Afghanistan’s Alasay Valley

On the Ground: Coalition Medics Treat Afghan Troops, Civilians, Prevent Diseases

U.S., French, Afghan Forces Team Up to Aid Afghan Villages

Route-clearance Team Clears Way to Commerce in Afghan Province

Team Opens Six New Schools for Afghan Children

Medics Turn Aid Station Into Afghan Emergency Room

Afghan Girl Gets Help from Soldiers, Americans

Team Fosters Self-Sufficiency in Afghanistan

Civil Affairs Team Brings Change to Afghan Province

Rural Village Sees Brighter Future With Coalition’s Help

Health, Security Officials Look to Improve Afghan Health System

Coalition Team Gives Temporary Shelter to Afghan Students

Doctor Confronts Maternal Mortality in Afghanistan

Kansas Agribusiness Development Team Arrives in Afghanistan

Afghan, Coalition Medics Help People of Herat District

Special Operations Forces Save Lives After Bomb Attack