Sunday, March 04, 2007

Introducing The 404s: Military's Lamest Websites

Granted, this post is only tangentially related to the subject at hand, but this contest being run by the folks over at Wired magazine's DANGER ROOM have come up with a novel idea: a contest to find the absolutely worst military website.

The rationale:
'The federal government started building websites for its various agencies back in the mid-90s. The idea was to better inform the public -- and to share information across bureaucratic silos. At least, that was the theory.
In practice, those high-minded ambitions have rarely, if ever, been met. That's especially true at the Department of Defense. Many military websites barely have any content at all. And what content they have is years out of date.'

Sarcasm aside, the post does make a good point that is often over-looked: that information sharing actually helps armed forces, the obsession with security classification aside.

One final point- to level the playing field, one has to wonder if the websites of civilian humanitarian and development agencies are in any way more informative than the average military website. While the graphics may be better, is if often incredibly difficult to find concrete information what agencies are doing for whom, where.