Friday, June 22, 2007

Military focuses on development in Africa- CJTF-HOA and AFRICOM |

CS Monitor has another article on the Horn of Africa CJTF, and how its mixed humanitarian-military mandate is a good model for the evolving AFRICOM structure. There is a continuing stream of articles on AFRICOM (some we have posted on) and also an AFRICOM website.

The article doesn't add much new to the debate. They market the CJTF-HOA in an interesting light:
"CJTF-HOA has served as a test-bed for ideas and concepts, and it has found approaches that work well in several countries on the Horn," says Rear Admiral Robert Moeller, executive director of the AFRICOM Transition Team. "Part of AFRICOM's charter is to be more collaborative, and it's important that our African partners see a consistency in our approach. Whether that's a long-term presence, like CJTF-HOA, or rotational, our engagement needs to be sustained."