Friday, July 27, 2007

Iraq- PRTs Help Iraqis with Rule of Law and Connecting With Central Government

Good glimpse of how the PRT concept has evolved in Iraq- whether it's evolved in theory or reality is difficult to ascertain. The notions are interesting, particularly the concept that PRTs have become a 'bridge-builder' that accompanies provincial authorities in improving rule of law activities.

'About 70 percent of the $506 million Iraqi reconstruction relief fund budget has been spent to build or renovate courthouses, corrections facilities, police and fire stations and training academies, a witness protection facility, and other related structures, Wolf said.'

The article also includes a video of a press conference on the subject, link is found in the text.

A second press release applauds the 25 PRTs as showing local authorities how to work more effectively with the central government.

'There is at least one PRT in each of Iraq’s 18 provinces, Reeker said, noting that Baghdad has several PRTs. Many PRT specialists come from the National Guard or reserves. These organizations help establish stability in Iraq by building capacity in areas such as government, economics, rule of law, services, infrastructure and public diplomacy.

The 25 PRTs in Iraq have more than doubled in number from the 10 that existed in April, as part of the president’s new way-forward strategy, Reeker said. The PRT effort is a joint coalition endeavor, he pointed out, noting that British-, Italian- and Korean-led PRTs also are working in Iraq.'

Interesting to see the evolution of the civil-military link of the Coalition surge in Iraq, months ago it remained merely vague concepts of how the civilian branch would complement the military aspect.