Sunday, February 18, 2007

CHAD: Obstacles to getting peacekeepers on ground

AlertNet charts the challenges facing an eventual deployment of a UN Peacekeeping force to eastern Chad. The article makes multiple references to this military deployment under the auspices of the Responsibility to Protect.

The appeals in the article come from various corners- WFP, OXFAM and the UN Security Council. The statement made by OXFAM is of particular interest, as it could be seen as an NGO appealing for the deployment of a peacekeepers who might be obliged to employ force in the discharging of their mandate:

"Any international force deployed to Chad will need to direct its focus to the safety and security of the Sudanese refugees, Chadian displaced people and local communities to put an end to further attacks on civilian populations," Oxfam said. "Actions to stop violence against civilians must be taken swiftly and decisively," the statement said.