Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ex-US envoy says Iraq rebuilding plan won't work

A career US diplomat is the focus of this article criticizing the Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) in Iraq. Having come out of retirement to lead a rebuilding group in Iraq, she quit in some frustration at the situation on the ground:

""In spite of the magnificent and often heroic work being done out there by a lot of truly wonderful people, the PRTs themselves aren't succeeding. The obstacles are too great," Munshi said this week in Washington, where she was pressing her view at the State Department and to Congress.
"Once again we are proceeding to lay people's lives on a line drawn with faulty information. Once again the fantasies of the 'policy-makers' drive decisions without much link to the realities on the ground," said Munshi, who retired from the foreign service in 2002."