Friday, February 23, 2007

UN: Chad Needs Strong Protection Force

An updated story on the urgency to deploy a robust peace-keeping force in Chad:
"The proposed UN mission in Chad should be equipped with a mandate and sufficient resources to respond to attacks against civilians, secure humanitarian access, patrol the Chad-Sudan border and monitor the movement of arms and armed groups. Additionally, the proposed mission should include a strong human rights unit and a civilian police force tasked with building judicial and policing capacity and helping bring human rights violators to justice, which would help deter communal violence and inhibit the activities of local and community-based militias."

As necessary and useful as such a force might be, it risks being over-ambitious, particularly given the difficulties to deploy further staff in neighbouring Darfur. Given the additional appeals being made over Central African Republic, it remains to be seen where further troops can be found to support yet more unforeseen military deployments.